Left To Right: Jim Jones, Kelis, Birdman, Von Haze, French Montana

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Just like that, it's the top of the week again. Fortunately for you, we have five new jams to make Monday go by quicker. Two of rap's hottest emcees rock out, Nas' ex-wife comes back strong, and more. Listen to and download today's killer tunes after the jump...

SONG: "Hoochie Coo"
ARTIST: The Black Keys f/ Jim Jones and Mos Def
• Technically a Black Keys track, but Capo goes in on the verses and Mos handles the hook. You can find this on Dame Dash's upcoming Blak Roc compilation, and unlike most ambitious rap/rock collabs, it doesn't suck.

SONG: "No Security"
ARTIST: Crookers f/ Kelis
• Her recent freedom from the clutches of Nasir must be serving as creative inspiration because Kelis hasn't made anything this dope in years. The full-quality version of this dubstep banger isn't even out yet and the Internet is already going nuts over the track.

SONG: "Always Strapped (Nike Sport Remix)"
ARTIST: Birdman f/ Lil' Wayne and Adrian Peterson
• Yeah, you've already heard this song, but if you think Adrian Peterson's voice will get you a little more pumped up for that next workout, go ahead and download (after pausing yourself). Look out for another Nike Sport remix of Yung LA's "Ain't I" soon.

SONG: "Sooner Or Later"
ARTIST: Von Haze
• If you need to zone out for seven-and-a-half minutes, here's your song. Brooding synth and airy vocals are almost a requirement for this type of record, and it works well.

SONG: "Playin' In The Wind"
ARTIST: French Montana
• After signing with Akon, Frenchie is already showing signs of improvement with this hot record. We shouldn't be surprised though. Somebody has to carry the Wave movement's flag now that Max B is gone.

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