Left To Right: J. Cole, Miike Snow, Madonna, Rich Boy, Lloyd Banks

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Another day. Another Shuffle playlist. The mix of new music just doesn't stop. Today we have tracks from Hov's new artist, the Queen of Pop, and a few more noteworthy acts. Stop listening to that old stuff and check out these fresh cuts after the jump...

SONG: "Lights Please"
• Fans of Roc Nation's flagship artist will already be familiar with this record, but it's just been released to radio so it's about to be new to millions more. If his Blueprint 3 feature caught your attention, definitely check out this banger.

SONG: "Animal"
ARTIST: Miike Snow
• Production duo Bloodshy & Avant (Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue) and newcomer Andrew Wyatt have joined forces and to create Miike Snow. They've been making noise for a few months now and rightfully so. Give this a listen if you're not up on them yet.

SONG: "Revolver"
ARTIST: Madonna f/ Lil' Wayne
• A Madonna-less demo surfaced a while ago, but the final version is here. This will be on her greatest hits album, Celebration, dropping later this month. Look out for a music video soon too.

SONG: "Top Of The World"
ARTIST: Rich Boy
• Here is Rich Boy's contribution to the soundtrack for LeBron James' upcoming documentary. The same soundtrack with Drake's star-studded "Forever" track. The Alabama rapper provides his standard fare on this one, which is all we want to hear from him anyway.

SONG: "Greenday"
ARTIST: Lloyd Banks
• 50's homie probably won't ever get the buzz he once had back, but he's still trying. Dude has always been a good rapper and even if you're over G-Unit, it's hard to deny that he can still spit.

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