For some reason rappers have an awful tendency to lose their minds or make bad music once they reach a certain point in their careers. However, every now and then you find an exception. With the unreleased 2001 Kamaal The Abstract album ready to finally drop, a tour with The Knux, Pac-Div and The Cool Kids, DJ shows on the side, and a non-exploitive Michael Jackson birthday tribute this weekend, its safe to say Q-Tip is both sane and very busy.

In the midst of all the chaos that makes up his schedule, Tip found time to kick it with Complex and watch some videos on YouTube, just like you and your friends do. Only our friend is Q-Tip and neither of us were high. Read on for Q's commentary on his visit from Tupac on the set of Poetic Justice, Michael Jackson's short film Ghost, and his favorite politician, Mike Bloomberg...

Interview by Andrew Rivera


COMPLEX: You've been very vocal on your Twitter account about Michael Bloomberg. What do you say to those who give you criticism about it?

Q-TIP: It's a free country and I have the right to express my opinion. I'm not degrading him or calling him an asshole or tearing him down personally. I'm just commenting on the bad job that I think he's doing. When you get power the person that you've always been gets highlighted even more, and I think who he is, is showing through how he's running the city, especially with the quality of life. He's not running a city based on the quality of life of average folk, it's the quality of life of well-to-do rich folk. He's fashioning and shaping the city towards them. The thing about New York that makes it the satellite city to the rest of the world is that whole idea of a melting pot. With poverty and homelessness here, it makes me wonder, where is the social responsibility? Where's the emotional and psychological responsibility that you owe to your city and its contingent? Its not there and he's running it like a tyrant.

<strong>COMPLEX: So what do you do in that type of situation?

Q-TIP: This is where hip-hop needs to be again. I don't want to see some benefit and he's [Mike Bloomberg] there and he's shaking hands with Russell or shaking hands with 50 Cent or something like that. We're the rebels, you know what I'm saying? If 50 wasn't there or I wasn't there or Russell wasn't there, we would still be in the hood! I'm lucky because I'm in that tax bracket that he's trying to cater to. So I benefit, I guess, but then not really. If I want to continue to do business here, have my family here and raise my kids here, I'm gonna want my kids to be cultured and really feel like they can go everywhere and not be intimidated, but he's sectioning shit off in a really scary way. Its a police state basically. It started with Giuliani and he's carrying the torch.