ugk4life_315ARTIST: UGK


SOUNDS LIKE: Ridin' Dirty '09

FUN FACT: We have a hilarious Complex Sneaker Network (CSN) video starring Bun B going live tomorrow.

WHY COMPLEX IS CO-SIGNING IT: T.I. may be the self proclaimed "King of the South," but even Clifford tips his crown to the duo from Port Arthur, Texas. Ever since they started their reign back in the '92 with Too Hard to Swallow, Bun B and Pimp C have been making trunks bump with hit after hit, influencing an entire generation of rappers along the way. Even when the road got rocky for the two—Pimp C serving a three year bid in 2002—they continued on. But when Pimp C passed away in '07 while recording the groups seventh album, many thought that was it. Thankfully, the two recorded enough material for a final UGK album, a tribute to Pimp C called UGK 4 Life.

UGK 4 Life has the duo doing what they do best, with Bun B acting as the wise southern elder and Pimp C telling tales of getting tail, all over an array of southern beats that drip like syrup from your speakers. Along for the tribute ride are a bunch of artists, old and new, including Ron Isley, Sleepy Brown, Lil' Boosie, Webbie, Too-Short and 8 Ball & MJG, among others. Although the two haven't been underground from some time, UGK 4 Life proves who the real Kings of the South are.

KEY TRACKS (LISTEN): Bun B turned down production from a number of mainstream producers like the Neptunes in order to keep the sound of the album true to what their fans were used to.

Everybody Wanna Ball

The Pimp and The Bun Feat. Ron Isley

Purse Come First Feat. Big Gipp