Poor Young Buck. Just as everyone started to forget about his embarrassing ousting from the G-Unit camp, we learned yesterday that his clothing line, David Brown, is calling it quits. To keep it 100, we completely forgot dude had a clothing line, which he supposedly launched last April when things were a bit rosier for the Nashville, TN native. But now that the entire country is hemorrhaging money quicker than Ma$e's time on G-Unit, there's just no place for up-start clothing lines ran by unsigned hypes.

But he's not the first rapper to launch an anti-climactic clothing line, and we're sure he won't be the last. So in an attempt to dry Mr. Brown's tears and show him that he's no so alone afterall, we're taking a look back at the history of failed clothing lines launched by rappers. Pour a little liquor below...

Created By: Notorious B.I.G.
Founded: 1995/6

  • Even though he was Black and ugly as ever, Biggie still managed to stay dipped in the finest fashion labels. So it's no wonder that his clothing line was going to be aimed at larger fellows that dreamed of being Gucci'd down to the socks. Unfortunately, Big passed before the label had a chance to blow up. In 2005, his mother and former managers Mark Pitts and Wayne Barrow tried to bring the name back, but by that time we had enough straight to Marshalls/TJ Maxxx rapper lines to clothe the needy.

Created By: Busta Rhymes
Founded: 1999

  • 1999 was a good year for Busta'he had two great albums under his belt, his Flipmode imprint found a home at Elektra and, like any other successful rapper, he was in the midst of dropping his own clothing line. According to Busta, Bushi meant: "Japanese warrior; Brooklyn's way of saying bourgeois; a cool way of saying, 'Busta's shit!' and "Couture meets the street." Sounds like a perfect match for anyone named Spliff Star.

Created By: Jim Jones
Founded: 2007

  • Looking to capitalize on the skull and crossbones rocker style that he and Julez traded their throwbacks, Girbaud jeans and Vasque boots for, Dipset/ByrdGang Capo started a clothing line presumably so he didn't have to go far for his glittery glamor. Strangely, as soon as Jimmy's music career took off, Nostic disappeared'even on 125th St.

Created By: Snoop Dogg
Founded: 2000

  • Before he launched his Rich & Infamous clothing line, which is a generic clothing line re-branded with his logo and random bandanna designs, Snoop launched his eponymous apparel line which basically consisted of re-branded t-shirts, jeans and sweatshirts. Same ol' G thang.

Created By: Fat Joe
Founded: 1997

  • Fat Joe wasn't always a Johnny-Come-Lately when it came to new trends. His FJ560 line started with the best of intentions: Fed up with the way blacks and Latinos were sending their money outside of the community when they bought clothes, Joe opened up a store called Half-Time and started accepting designs from local designers to sell in the store. What happened to FJ560? We're not sure, but we're guessing Armageddon, Cuban Link and Tony Sunshine could point us in the right direction.

Created By: DMX
Founded: 2006

  • In order to feed his "lifestyle", DMX started a clothing line to be sold at concerts and specialty shops. We can't say we were as surprised as DMX to find out that no one wanted to dress like a transient crack head garbage man. X should have stuck to doggy clothing, doggy.

Created By: Master P
Founded: Early 90's

  • In addition to his record label, movie company, credit card company and toy line, Master P decided to add clothing to his portfolio. He even designed face plates for pre-paid mobile phones he sold to match the pieces in the line. But when No Limit records went bankrupt, everything else went with it. No worries, though, Master P re-up'd and launched P. Miller clothing which is still going strong at Wal-Mart. So, yeah, there's that.

Created By: Dame Dash
Founded: 2006

  • With his stake in Rocawear dead and gone, Dame set out to start another empire. Only this time he had no superstar rapper to pawn all the shit he was trying to sell, so the CEO line went the way of the Roc Box. Remember the Roc Box? Didn't think so.

Created By:Outkast

  • When Outkast announced that they were going to launch their own clothing line, Andre said that fans would be able to get "everything...the furs, the leathers...hats...everything." But when it hit stores it looked like a rehashed Enyce. It didn't represent 3 Stacks, the George Clinton of hip hop style or Big Boi's fly pimp stylings. It was just kinda boring. And they never wore it. Rule #1 of the celebrity clothing game: If you don't wear your clothes, no one else will.

Created By: Common
Founded: 2007

  • Looking to capitalize on the success of Be and Be Pt.2: Finding Forever, Lonnie decided to get into full capitalist mode and team up with Italian hat company La Coppola Storta on a line of high-end hats. We were excited for the Complex cover star until we found out the hats that could best be described as "bohemian driving caps" were priced at $125. Come on. Smarten up, Com.