When it came time for Complex to create our Valentine's Day mixtape (download it here), we wanted to make sure we were on the right track. So to get inside the mind of our female conquests, we asked one of our favorite women, Olivia Munn, to give us some feedback (read the full article from our Feb/March issue here).

But after we finished the tape, we started wondering what Olivia's own V-Day soundtrack would sound like. So just in time for the holiday, we asked Ms. Munn to create a special bonus mixtape for all of her loyal fans. Download the music and read her commentary on each track below...

(or listen to a streaming version below)

1. Method Man: "Ex-Girlfriend"
Olivia Says: "To be happy that you're not with your crazy ass ex anymore."

2. Bryan Greenberg "Hmmm"
Olivia Says: "The song is so sensitive and sweet, it'll make the girl cry. So that way when you go in to comfort her, you can slip the tip in."

3. Mos Def "The Panties"
Olivia Says: "If you're not fucking by the end of this song, something's wrong with you."

4. Kid Cudi "Day and Night"
Olivia Says: "If you put it on, she'll know you know what's up."

5. Ray LaMontagne "Trouble"
Olivia Says: "I fuckin' love this song! It's so fucking good."

6. White Stripes: "Catch Hell Blues"
Olivia Says: "When you wanna start chokin' the shit out of her and bustin' out the toys."

7. Lil' Wayne & Robin Thicke: "Shooter"
Olivia Says: "Shooter...just please not in my eye."

8. The Kinks "Death of a Clown"
Olivia Says: "This is an exclusive pick for the Furries out there. Put on the song, then put on your rabbit and koala outfits and then just fuck the shit out of each other. You're welcome."

9. Elliot Smith: "Say Yes"
Olivia Says: "No means no, but if you play this song, everything turns into a yes."

10. Santogold "Starstruck"
Olivia Says: "Because it's a great song and it makes everyone feel good."