While promoting his sneaker brand Yums at the MAGIC trade show in August, Soulja Boy took a minute out to introduce White Tee, the first white rapper signed to his burgeoning label Stacks On Deck Entertainment.

You probably had the same reaction that we did: who the fuck is White Tee? He doesn't have an internet following like SB did, he doesn't have a song on the radio, and he doesn't have a mixtape out. So who is White Tee and where did he come from? Complex did a little digging, and here's what we found...
White Tee is actually a young man named Taylor Leach from Arlington, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. Here he is hitting a grand slam in a 2007 baseball game while finishing his senior year at Lamar High School:

Before going by White Tee, Taylor rapped under the name "Taylorachi." Back in 2006, he released a few songs on the internet with a friend named Lil' Weenus. Check out some of their early music:

Taylorachi & Lil' Weenus "That's Official"

Taylorachi & Lil' Weenus "Penguins Are So Fly"

Taylorachi & Lil' Weenus "Click Yo Heels Back"

Taylorachi & Lil' Weenus "We Talk Through Movies"

Nowadays, Taylor attends Western Texas College in Snyder, TX.
Here he is giving a tour of his dorm room:

In addition to rapping, Taylor has also been making moves in the web design world. After starting a company called Aero9 Media, he has designed sites for Rudebwoy Entertainment (home to Dallas rapper Lil Wil), Yums (a sneaker company from his hometown Arlington) and Stacks On Deck (Soulja Boy's crew/social networking site). We're assuming that he and Soulja Boy first met through his work as a web designer. Here's a video of Taylor attempting to learn the "My Dougie" dance from Lil' Spain in the Yums office back in January:

In July, Taylor got his first bit of web fame when he appeared in Soulja Boy's web video "iPhone Tricks Part 1." In the video, Soulja Boy refers to him as "my favorite white boy" and "Taylor." It's not until the end that he jokingly calls him "White Tee," a name which has apparently stuck since then:

At the end of August, Soulja Boy and White Tee both traveled to Las Vegas to promote Yums at MAGIC. Here's the video of SB officially introducing White Tee as a member of Stacks On Deck:

The song played in the above video is called "Booty Meat," which is apparently White Tee's first single. Listen to a preview of it below.

White Tee "Booty Meat (Preview)"

BONUS: White Tee rehearsing "Booty Meat" in the studio:

So there you have it. Will Soulja Boy be able to turn his web designer into a successful rapper? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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