2 Chainz says a burst pipe at his home resulted in the discovery of an apparent cash stash left behind by his late father.

Indeed, as seen in a recent Instagram Stories update, workers found the collection of tightly rolled-up bills while carrying out repairs on the property.

“Quick story,” Chainz said in a clip captioned “RIP POPS” while running his hands through the newly uncovered cash. “I had a busted pipe in the basement. They fixed my basement and then they found, um, I guess it’s my pops’ old stash.”

It’s unclear how long the stash had been tucked away in the home. The artist’s father, however, died back in 2012. In a Fuse News the following year, Chainz reflected on losing his “best friend” and opened up about the oft-complicated nature of father-and-son relationships.

“Father-and-son relationships, it’s a lot of masculinity,” he said at the time. “You’re taught to be strong. You’re taught to fight back. You’re taught not to cry. … Losing him, I definitely lost somebody that I could trust, confide in, and communicate with about a lot of different things and talk to. But even that experience of losing him made me stronger.”

Making music is a “therapeutic” process, Chainz added at the time, because it “keeps my mind off my father.”

In a social media update last July, Chainz reflected on the 10th anniversary of his father’s death and offered some words of encouragement to fans who may be going through the same experience.