Richard Wershe Jr., whose work as an informant inspired the 2018 movie White Boy Rick, has filed a $100 million lawsuit against FBI agents, Detroit police officers, and other federal prosecutors for coercing him into assisting police as a young teen.

According to the Detroit News, the lawsuit, which names the city of Detroit, former Detroit police officers, former FBI agents and former U.S. attorneys, alleges Wershe was pressured into helping law enforcement as a teen informant. 

“Listen, the justice system hasn’t been fair to me over the last 33 years,” Wershe said during a Tuesday press conference. “I’m not blaming the people that are in office now. I’m not blaming the U.S. Attorney’s office that’s here now. I’m blaming the people from the past, the people that did it to me – the retired FBI agents, the retired [Detroit Police Department] officials, the retired U.S. attorney that released my grand jury testimony.”