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A woman was discovered in a drain after allegedly being involved in a domestic violence dispute.

Twitter user @_thatgirlab shared the story in a thread on Thursday evening, writing that she was at a drive-thru when she “heard somebody screaming, ‘help, help get me out.’”

The user—who goes by Aubre—continued, “So of course I didn’t wanna stop. Tell me why I drive back around and yell, ‘are you ok!?’ She said, ‘yes I’m down here!’ I look down and the lady was stuck in the drain.”

Aubre shared a photo of the woman sticking her fingers through the slats of the drain, which quickly gained attention and a variety of reactions.

In a subsequent video, Aubre explained the woman said she was “running from her boyfriend and this other man who was acting crazy or something and she said she ran by the interstate and she said she slipped and fell in a ditch. When she was sliding, the ditch got smaller and she ended up in the drain. She couldn’t see—she said she just started walking until she seen a light.”

Aubre added, “I got chills running through my body when she put her hand up through the drain. I was like, ‘oh my god. This is scary.’”

Aubre confirmed the woman was eventually helped out of the drain. However, she didn’t want to reveal the her name or show what she looked like, and it’s unclear in which city this took place. “She was truly terrified,” Aubre wrote. “Domestic violence is real!”

See the full thread below.