Twitter users collectively lost their minds over a clip by TikTok star Tom Cruz in which he detailed how his friend group keeps track of each other’s income.

Cruz reveals in the video that he has a spreadsheet ranking his friends’ projected 2021 earnings. “So a few years ago me and my friends started making a spreadsheet breaking down our incomes and our availability for travel, and it looks like this,” he said in the clip.

Later in the clip he turned the camera to reveal the list, which is inspired by Forbes’ annual richest celebrities lists. “This is incredibly helpful to have your friends broken down here from Shawn, my top earning friend, who makes over $5 million to who we call Broke Bobby who makes $125,000,” said Cruz, who is also a real estate investor. 

Other factors the spreadsheet keeps track of include how much paid time off each person has access to, and how much they might spend on a three or seven day trip. Six members of the list are taking home over $1 million, all of whom list available PTO as “NO LIMIT.” 

Understandably, the strange video has raised a lot of questions, especially in regards to the identity of “Broke Bobby.” Perhaps what’s most unnerving is that “Broke Bobby” takes in $125,000 annually, which is far from broke. It’s not exactly clear why this friend group needs to know all of this information, either, but it’s worth pointing out that there’s a relationship status column in the spreadsheet, too. One person included is listed as “Complicated (70% single),” which raises even more questions.

Check out reactions to the bizarre video below.