Video footage has surfaced of an accident that occurred in February where a driver was racing someone and crashed into a school bus full of kids.

The terrifying incident took place in New Mexico, where police say suspect Mario Perez smashed his Mustang into the bus while driving at speeds up to 110 mph. According to the Albuquerque police department, Perez admitted to being involved in a race at the moment in question.

“I guess he was racing someone,” an officer told KHOU 11. “He admitted to going fast.”

The crash caused the school bus to flip on its side, leaving two of the 23 students from George Sanchez Middle School severely injured. It is believed Perez hit the bus at roughly 65 to 80 mph. The footage above reveals the instant the car made impact with the bus, sending children tumbling and screaming in fear. Witnesses began to help the kids off the bus. The two injured students will require surgery.

Perez was taken to the hospital for a broken femur. He was charged with two counts of great bodily harm by vehicle. Police are still looking for the other driver involved in the race, who was reportedly driving a blue Mustang.