Viral Footage Shows ‘Victoria’s Secret Karen’ Having Tantrum After Lashing Out at Black Woman

Mere weeks after the trailer for a 'Karen' horror movie was released, reality steps up with another entry in the Karen canon out of New Jersey.

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Another day, another Karen.

Indeed, mere weeks after a trailer for a Karen horror film was released, reality has birthed another example of a so-called “Karen” in action.

This time, the footage comes from a Victoria’s Secret location in New Jersey, where Ijeoma Ukenta was shopping when a woman who has since been identified in multiple reports as Abigail Elphick allegedly attempted to strike her. In fact, in the first clip that has since gone viral on Twitter, this particular Karen is seen striking at the camera before immediately shifting her behavior.

From there, Elphick is seen placing what appears to be a purse on the ground before resting her head on it. At another point, she’s seen—again on the ground—violently shaking her legs while screaming about being recorded. Elsewhere in the footage, shared first to TikTok before being released in multiple parts on YouTube, Elphick is seen appearing to chase Ukenta.

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Eventually security arrived on the scene, with Ukenta—as she revealed in a subsequent update (see below)—later going to the station for the resulting police report.

“I have the police report which is somewhat true but really, really long,” she said in a video shared Monday. “I’m happy I did record. … And mind you, they took her statement first because she called the police and she completely lied.”

According to the report, the woman claimed that being recorded caused a panic attack. Ukenta said she’s now filing a complaint against the two responding officers, as well as mall security.

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Ukenta has also started a GoFundMe asking donors to help her “defend myself against Karen.” At the time of this writing, the fundraiser—the description for which says it will help Ukenta hire “an excellent attorney”—is coming up on $40,000 in donations.

Below, see how the latest entry in the Karen catalog has been received online, including insight on why it’s necessary to record such incidents as a matter of self-protection.

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