Fox News’ Tucker Carlson is no stranger to controversy (or saying and alluding to awful things), so it’s no surprise that he finds himself in hot water yet again.

The pundit hopped on air Tuesday to talk about COVID safety measures, linking them to “segregation” and using the term “medical Jim Crow” to describe them.

As reported by The Wrap, Carlson said that last year “pretty much everybody agreed that segregation was the worst thing this country ever did,” and that “forcing certain categories of citizens into separate lesser accommodations barring them from public places, treating them like lepers, untouchable, that was completely immoral and wrong.”

He then equated that segregation to the growing divide between those who are vaccinated and those who aren’t. “Imagine our confusion today, looking out across the country, the very same people, literally the very same, (who) just the other day told us that segregation was immoral, are now enforcing segregation,” Carlson added.

At one point Carlson said he thinks vaccinated and unvaccinated people will eventually have to use “separate water fountains,” and pointed to New York’s Excelsior Pass, which allows residents to show their vaccination status via a QR code. 

“If we’re going to make the ‘unvaccinated’ sit in their own unfashionable little section at MLB games, that’s going to make for some pretty embarrassing photographs sometimes,” Carlson said. “Because it seems like the new segregation looks a lot like the old segregation. And we wonder how they’re going to explain that.”

He also said that “white Republican men” are the least likely to get vaccinated and will have to “sit at the back of the bus” and sarcastically said they “shouldn’t even be allowed in public buildings.”

Of course, Carlson’s comments didn’t go over well with his many critics. Check out reactions below.