Torontonians may be used to crime movies being filmed in their city, but what they probably didn’t see coming is a real art heist happening while the cameras weren’t rolling. Roughly $300,000 worth of fine art has been stolen from a gallery in Yorkville by three unidentified suspects. 

The robbers broke in by prying the glass doors of Galerie de Bellefeuille open around midnight on April 19. They were able to get away with taking four pieces of art with a combined value of $265,900 from the gallery located near Davenport and Avenue Roads.

Shown in a report by the Toronto Police, the art stolen included Sophie Ryder’s life-sized piece “Lovers on Horseback”, as well as one of Hanneke Beaumont’s renowned androgynous bronze figures.

A bronze, androgynous statue looking to its left.
Image via Toronto Police
A sculpture of two animal-faced humans riding a horse.
Image via Toronto Police

They also managed to nab two sculptures created by German artist Metis Atash.

A sculpture of an elephant with pop art on either side.
Image via Toronto Police
A statue of Buddha covered in pop art.
Image via Toronto Police

Despite the ritzy art they took off with, the masked heisters got away in a less-than-luxurious but spacious grey Toyota Sienna that just so happened to have its plates removed. 

Some people think the art will pop up on the internet if it’s resold, and someone besides the thieves will take the fall. 

So far, no one has been able to track down the mystery Sienna or the culprits. Toronto Police are asking anyone with information about the heist to come forward, which is bad news for the robbers, who most likely think they’re the main characters of this real-life movie.