After discovering they were all dating the exact same man, three women became friends, ultimately taking the newfound camaraderie on the road.

Bekah King (18), Abi Roberts (19), and Morgan Tabor (21)—known as @the.bam.bus on Instagram, where they’ve amassed more than 29,000 followers—unknowingly began their path to headlines-spurring friendship last December.

As detailed in a Salt Lake Tribune piece from Taylor Stevens, Roberts received texts that month “from two girls,” one of whom had obtained her number via a mutual friend. The texts asked whether Roberts was dating a man she was indeed dating, a man said to be 20 at the time and described in another report as a college student.

Roberts said she was shocked to find out that the two women who had texted were also dating the individual in question, as were “at least” six other women. Most of the women, per the Tribune, were under the impression they were in monogamous relationships.