Though the Proud Boys membership is restricted to cisgender males, they are connected to a contingent group of female supporters who refer to themselves as Proud Boys’ Girls. As is the case with the male faction, women backers buy into the notion that “men should be men and women should be women.” Hence, they enjoy the Proud Boys’ rule to not masturbate and join them in advocating heterosexual intercourse, promoting marriage and denouncing feminism. 

Ultraconservative media pundit Ann Coulter, who the Proud Boys have bodyguarded on several occasions, has said, “I support men-only organizations, strongly. There ought to be some places where men can go just to relax and not have to be on duty, be chivalrous and protective of women...” Of the Proud Boys specifically, Coulter tweeted in 2017, “I met your Bay Area Proud Boys in Modesto tonight. I think those guys can keep me safe!”