THC: 21-26 percent
Terpenes: 3-3.5 percent 
Availability: In B.C. 

There’s been A++ weed coming out of B.C.’s Shuswap region for decades, only now you can buy it with a credit card. (Editor’s note: We’ve sent this “research” to accounting along with receipts for purchases and, sadly, they still say it’s not a deductible expense.) 

Cake and Caviar is a Certified Organic brand that grows in aquaponics systems in the B.C. Interior. It’s run by parent company Habitat, which also raises organic produce like tomatoes and farms coho salmon using the nutrients leftover from the weed operation. Waffle Bites—also available in pre-rolls—is a drool-inducing cross between cheesecake and sour OG that’s sweet and savoury on the palate and definitely sativa-leaning in its effects. Walk your dog, and smoke up your dawg, but never get the two confused. (Special mention also to Blueberry Yum Yum, another absurdly delicious option from C&C.)