Released: 1985
Fun Fact: Super Mario Brothers has been ported to almost every Nintendo video game console ever made.
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Super Mario Brothers shipped with the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was the first chance that Nintendo had to impress upon the new owner what their game system was capable of. And it sparked a revolution. It popularized side-scrollers. It re-invigorated the entire video game industry. And it turned Mario into an icon of both Nintendo and video games as a whole.

Super Mario Brothers was technically a sequel to the platformer Mario Brothers, but bore almost no resemblance to the first game mechanically. Mario and Luigi were no longer limited to a single screen's real estate. They raced through eight levels, broken into four stages, to rescue Princess Toadstool from the evil Bowser. The simple play of Super Mario Brothers was extremely accessible, yet challenging enough to capture the attention of a wide range of game players.