Tampa attorney Andrew Spark was disbarred by the Florida Bar Association on January 21, for soliciting oral sex from several inmates at Tampa Bay area detention facilities.

According to a report from the Tampa Bay Times, Spark repeatedly solicited women at area prisons. He would use his attorney identification to get unquestioned access to inmates in private rooms by posing as their representation. He would then film himself receiving oral sex from the inmates and put money on their accounts in the prison. 

It all came to light after he tried to solicit Shauna Boselli, a one-time porn producer currently serving a 40-year sentence for making child pornography. Boselli told her family about the meeting and they passed the information on to law enforcement.

“He really duped the system because he shouldn’t have access to her,” Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said. “He wasn’t her lawyer; he wasn’t representing her. But as an attorney, he’s given the courtesy of going into the jail to meet with clients.”

The mention of another inmate led them to find another woman that Spark had propositioned while she was serving time on drug charges. Law enforcement asked the second woman to set up a meeting with Spark. 

When he arrived, he again pretended to be the woman's attorney. When he opened his pants and set up his tablet to film, law enforcement burst into the room and arrested him. After going through his tablet, they found another inmate that Spark had propositioned. Cross-checking the dates with jail records, investigators found Spark had put $10 on her commissary account.   

Spark is currently on probation until Feb. 7, 2024 on charges of bringing contraband into detention facilities.