On Friday a St. Louis man was hit with a 102-month prison sentence due to an incident that went down at a Motel 6 in Waterloo, Iowa.

This incident involved 30-year-old Devonner Coleman being caught with a .22 caliber rifle with the barrel cut off, and also roughly 118 grams of marijuana. In addition to possessing those things that’ll net you seriously jail-time (especially when you have prior convictions) it also involved him trying to dissuade a witness from snitching to law enforcement about him by brandishing said firearm in the direction of that witness. Coleman’s fingerprints were found on the weapon and one of the marijuana baggies. He admitted to his guilt through a plea agreement. 

Through a news release, officials claimed that a witness gave testimony at Coleman’s sentencing in which she said he displayed the weapon towards her while saying he doesn’t mess with “snitches.” She also says he stepped on her foot later, and yelled at her while she was speaking to a 911 operator. 

He had three previous convictions for possessing marijuana with intent to deliver in the same county that Waterloo resides in (Black Hawk). 

In addition to his 102-month sentence, which won’t be eligible for parole because it’s in the federal system, he’ll also have three years of supervised release (when he gets out) plus a $100 fine.