The Socially Distanced Holiday Gift Guide

As we approach the end of the year, there’s no doubt this holiday season will be different for many families and friends across the world. Still in the midst of a global health crisis, regaining a sense of community couldn’t feel more important during a time of loss and economic hardship. While it might not be possible to be together in person, considering the many varying circumstances, there are ways to still feel connected. 

For those you’re unable to spend the holidays with, we’ve compiled a list of things that could make social-distancing more bearable. From fun games to practical tools, check out the ways you can spend time with your loved ones, without actually being in the same room. 

A Streaming Bundle for Co-Viewing

Have a Hulu Watch Party with the Disney+, ESPN, and Hulu streaming bundle, or step into the HBO Max “virtual movie theater” together with the Amazon Prime Video, Cinemax, and HBO Max bundle. Co-watching can be a great way to share memories, without leaving your bed, and the perfect opportunity to catch up on all the latest shows. 

"Homesick" Candle

Give the gift of a sensory trip to another state with a Homesick candle. These soy wax candles are designed to evoke the scents and memories of all 50 states, from the soft rains of Washington to the desert sands of Arizona and apple orchards of New York.

Echo Show for Video Calls

Perfect for connecting with family, the Echo Show 8 is a cheap and easy way to make sure you're still getting quality face time. Available on Amazon, beyond video calling, you'll also be able to catch up on news, watch TV shows, movies, music videos, or movie trailers and listen to music from streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify. 

Personalized Birthdate Book

Learn more about each other from the stars with this made-to-order book that illustrates your unique astrological birth chart. The Birthdate Book is available to order online and gives you over 70 pages of detailed horoscope analysis, mapping the stars and planets at the exact moment you were born. Send to a friend to start a conversation about who they are and what their future holds. 

Surprise Meal Delivery

Surprise someone with their favorite meal from UberEats, Postmates, or whatever delivery service you choose, then give them a call to have a virtual dinner together. This works for friends, family, and romantic interests alike, and is an easy way to show you care. All you need is their home address. 

Book of the Month Subscription

Stay on the same page with the same Book of the Month subscription while also staying up-to-date with the latest releases. Book of the Month allows you to choose one book per month of their 5 featured selections, then delivers them to your door. There are three gift plans at three different price points, making it the perfect gift that keeps on giving for an avid reader. 

Fitbit Smartwatch

Give a loved one a Fitbit Smartwatch then add them to yours to compare your 7-day step totals. Along with adding some friendly competition to the relationship, this will encourage you both to get outside and stay active. 

Your Favorite Drinks, Delivered

While you might not be able to toast in person, using an alcohol delivery like Drizly or Saucy means you can still enjoy your favorite drinks together. Order at the same time then get on a video call for a happy hour that—almost—feels like you're in person. 

Pixel Lovebox

For when texting gets tiring, let the Lovebox deliver your messages to loved ones. Sending messages from anywhere in the world from the mobile app, when the box receives a message on the front of the Lovebox will begin to spin. Available at Amazon

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