Romeo Miller recounted a troubling tale where he said he was pulled at gunpoint by an officer who thought Romeo was “just some random Black dude.”

Blavity cited that Romeo retold the story while on The Mix, saying that he was driving near UCLA’s campus when the incident occurred.

“In UCLA, you get pulled over there, you better have that camera recording because they don’t play no games,” Miller said. “The guy pulled me over at gunpoint, a Black cop, and he was like ‘Is this a stolen vehicle.’ I’m like ‘Relax. Just come check my registration and get my driver’s license.’”

Romeo explained that the officer thought that his vehicle was stolen, but then when he realized that Miller was famous, the officer relaxed and apologized.

“When he saw it was me, he said ‘Oh, Romeo Miller? Oh, you good. I thought you were just some random Black dude.’ It’s scary for me because my brothers ain’t famous,” Romeo emphasized. “They bigger than me at 6’4,” 6’5.” These guys are intimidated by Black men.”

While Romeo was glad that the altercation didn’t go south, he also reflected that many other Black people who look like him get accosted like that every day and don’t have the same outcome because they aren’t famous. Even fame doesn’t stop police harassment, as we just recently saw in the case of Michael Rainey Jr. getting pulled over and the officer reaching for his gun.

Rainey explained over Instagram last week that an officer pulled him over because of an alleged traffic stop, then got aggressive with him.

“This guy was bout to shoot me I swear that camera saved my life,” Rainey wrote in the caption to his story. “Look what he does as soon as he looks into the lens. someone please send me his precinct or whatever if you know. These power tripping ass police need they badge taken. Unlawful traffic stop.”

Rainey claimed that if he didn’t pull out his camera and start recording the officer, things could have gone south quickly.