Relationship goals, according to the very reputable source Urban Dictionary, are defined as: "A couple who are the best couple out there. They are the power couple. Everyone wants to be like them." Social media has proliferated this ideal of the perfect love— the hashtag '#relationshipgoals', or simply '#goals', whether it be from friends just giving a little digital support or fans obsessing over a couple, crops up on people's Instagram posts of themselves and their significant others. Picture-perfect relationships, with couples doing activities together, being affectionate, and just looking damn cute all the time. They're screaming "We love each other and our relationship is perfect!"

But in reality, relationships are hard—and commitment in the age of limitless options is even harder.

Being half in doesn't help the situation, either. Having one foot out the door may seem like a smart way to avoid heartbreak or disappointment, but by never giving your full effort, you'll lose out on the chance to make a relationship work. 

Recognize where you stand: Here are six telltale signs you’re not one of the lucky ones in relationship goals.