A German police bomb squad responded to investigate an object that was actually a grenade-shaped sex toy, ABC News reports

A jogger was running through a forest near Passau, Germany on Monday when they ran across a bag containing the device. Although WWII ended more than 75 years ago, it’s still common to find forgotten or hidden munitions in Germany especially in towns near the country’s border like Passau. This prompted the jogger to contact the police bomb squad. 

Yet when officials arrived, they quickly determined that the device was a grenade replica. They also found condoms, lubricant, and a USB cable in the bag that helped them conclude that the device was actually a sex toy.

“An internet search confirmed the suspicion,” the police told German media outlets. “There are indeed sex toys in the form of hand grenades, and that was the kind of thing we were dealing with here.”

In the jogger’s defense, the bag was in a state of severe decomposition which could’ve skewed the item’s origins. Fortunately, the items were not explosives and police were able to give the forest an all-clear signal shortly after arriving. Authorities took the items out of the forest and disposed of them properly.