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Two arrests have been made in the murder of David Evans, the pastor of Harmony Free Will Baptist Church in Ada, Oklahoma. 

Just days after the 50-year-old man was shot to death in the middle of the night while in bed, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation has arrested Evans’ wife, Kristie, and an accomplice, 26-year-old Kahlil Deamie Square, in connection with the murder. 

According to the Ada Police Department, Evans revealed Thursday that she recruited Square to kill her husband. She told investigators that she provided him with a gun and bullets, then left the backdoor unlocked for him to enter the couple’s house unannounced. 

In a bizarre twist, authorities say that all three of them were allegedly involved in a love triangle. 

Kristie Evans and Kahlil Square
Image via KFOR-TV

“A couple of months ago is when the three of them first met up,” OBSI Capt. Beth Green told reporters. “The three of them, Kristie, Kahlil and David, had a sexual relationship. Kristie and Kahlil also had a separate sexual relationship, just the two of them,” Green said.

According to court documents, the sinister murder plot was orchestrated last week while David was away on a mission trip in Mexico. 

“The plan was for Kahlil to come into the house in the middle of the night and shoot David with the gun and ammunition that actually belonged to David that Kristie had given Kahlil,” Green said.

Kristie Evans and Kahlil Square both face first-degree murder charges. Evans is being held in the Pontotoc County Detention Center while Square currently sits in Cleveland County Jail.