Things are looking up for a 20-year-old Oklahoma man who walks two-and-a-half hours—or eight miles—each way to get to his job as a cook at Buffalo Wild Wings.

On a particularly hot day recently,  Michael Lynn drove by Donte Franklin who was on his way to work and offered him a ride. “I was going down 12th Street and I saw him,” Lynn told ABC affiliate KOCO. “I was thinking, ‘Boy it’s a hot day.’ One thing led to another, and I’m finding out he’s [walking to work]… I just couldn’t believe it.”

During the car ride, Lynn found out more about what Franklin has had to go through, particularly since his mom passed away from Hepatitis C when he was 16. “I really don’t care if it gets tiring, I just have to keep pushing,” Franklin told Lynn, adding that “I walk just to make my family proud.”