Brooklyn, New York’s Crown Heights neighborhood became the site of an unauthorized helicopter landing on Thursday afternoon.

The private chopper pulled up to a vacant, fenced-in lot in Brooklyn, and then took off again, according to Gothamist. In fact, the helicopter landed multiple times at the corner of Troy Avenue and Carroll Street in the borough at around 12:30 p.m. and even seemed to drop off a passenger.

Locals phoned police and an NYPD helicopter appeared and followed the rogue aircraft until it landed at Lakewood Township Municipal Airport in New Jersey. When both aircrafts landed, the pilot told authorities that the owner of the lot gave him permission to land on the property. He also identified himself and his chopper to police, with the incident reported to the Federal Aviation Association.

Lakewood Airport manager Steve Reinman told Gothamist that the police and pilot had a “discussion” before they parted ways. “It’s a helicopter that comes into our airport from time to time based out in Long Island,” Reinman said. “Yesterday they came in and were followed in by an NYPD chopper. Apparently they allegedly did something in New York that was not authorized.”