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A woman is urging everyone to take seriously the possibility of cellulitis after experiencing a shorts-caused setback during which she “could’ve easily died.”

The North Carolina resident in question, 25-year-old Sam, spoke with BuzzFeed about the experience after going viral with her TikTok-shared breakdown. 

“So what happened is I was wearing boy-short underwear and the material kept clumping up and I kept picking my wedgie,” Sam, who wore high-cut denim shorts on a day-long date a few years back, said in a video recalling the harrowing experience. The original TikTok upload has since been set to private.

In the BuzzFeed interview, Sam noted that she picked at the wedgie on multiple occasions throughout the day but eventually decided to “ignore it and just enjoy my time.” Later that evening, however, she noticed a “large bump” on her body where chafing had occurred. The bump eventually became painful, inspiring a visit to the doctor and an antibiotic treatment.

The following morning, Sam discovered she was in septic shock and was taken to the emergency room by her mother. Sam said she was “shivering, very breathless, could not walk, and had extreme body aches” and was eventually placed in ICU.