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Police have released video of a red dye pack exploding on a robber escaping a bank in New Jersey. 

NBC New York reports the suspect stole $2,300 from a Capital One in Newark. The robber went to the bank around 10 a.m. on Saturday and handed a teller a note demanding cash.

“I have a gun give me all the money from the register please, and no one will get hurt,” the hand-written note read, according to police.

The teller then gave the robber money and dye pack. In total, the suspect made off with $2,500. The suspect then exited the bank but the dye pack exploded shortly after he left the property.

You can check out the moment below.

Investigators have shared video of the suspect, seen wearing a white t-shirt and carrying a backpack, in hopes someone can help identify him. As of Saturday afternoon, police are still searching for the suspect.