An Alabama man was arrested after stealing a vehicle from a fire station on Wednesday, the Mobile, Alabama Fox affiliate reports

Surveillance video released Thursday shows a man identified by police as Jeffrey McCants, Jr. walking into a Prichard Fire Department station where he slid into the station’s 2009 Crown Victoria before slowly backing out of the garage. When he was apprehended, McCants admitted to stealing the car but claimed he was doing a divine deed. 

“I took it because God told me to. And guess what, God help me do everything,” McCants said to police cameras as he was being taken to jail. “I steal everything, man. I steal your heart, baby”

Another man named Henry Dixon was also arrested for his connection to the crime. But according to McCants, Dixon didn’t have anything to do with this incident. 

“I did everything,” Dixon continued to yell at cameras. “Hey look, when I get out I’m gonna steal a police car.”

Also, per McCants, his divine calling doesn’t stop with car theft. He announced to the media that he would be running for the mayor of Mobile, Alabama once he’s done fighting his cases. “Hello, my name is Jeffrey McCants,” he said. “I’m running for mayor of Mobile, Alabama, baby.”

McCants is due to be arraigned on charges related to the theft on Friday. McCants has prior convictions regard theft and is currently facing separate drug and theft charges.