The same Louisiana State Police unit whose troopers were seen hitting and dragging 49-year-old Ronald Greene in footage from a fatal 2019 arrest is now the subject of an internal investigation by a “secret panel,” according to a new report.

The seven-member panel, according to an expansive Associated Press report published Thursday, are tasked with determining whether officers have been “systematically targeting Black motorists for abuse.” The target of the newly confirmed probe, which began following the death of Greene and three other violent stops of Black men, is the 66-officer Louisiana State Police Troop F.

Several weeks back, the panel started reviewing “thousands” of body camera videos spanning from the past two years. The incidents shown in this footage, per the AP, involved up to 12 white troopers. At least four of those 12 white troopers were also involved in the fatal arrest of Greene.

The video review aspect of the investigation will be complemented by examinations into whether troops showed “racist tendencies” when making stops, whether they turned off body cameras, whether they mislabeled footage, and whether they used other methods of hiding evidence.

As of Thursday, it wasn’t known whether the panel was working under a deadline.

Complex reached out to a spokesperson for the Louisiana State Police Troop F for comment. A spokesperson later shared the following statement via email:

“Upon learning of the use of force incidents, LSP immediately initiated a criminal investigation and placed the involved Troopers on administrative leave. Louisiana State Police Investigators completed a thorough and detailed investigation leading to the arrest of the Troopers involved in the incidents. During the course of the ongoing investigation, Troopers Brown and Dickerson resigned from the agency. Troopers DeMoss and Harper received notice of the internal disciplinary findings including termination of employment from LSP effective June 4, 2021. LSP continues to offer our full cooperation with the respective prosecutorial offices in the ongoing legal process. 

In conjunction with departmental policy, body and in-car camera video is required to be reviewed by LSP supervisors. Video is continually assessed to ensure officer safety, compliance to LSP policy, and proper interactions with the public.”

Also on Thursday, regional outlet WBRZ reported that one of the Louisiana state troopers involved in Greene’s arrest had been formally fired. Louisiana State Police were said to have finalized Dakota DeMoss’ termination, making it effective starting June 4. Another trooper, George Harper, was fired due to a separate use-of-force incident. Both troopers were members of Troop F.