A commuter has spoken about the bewildering moment when a South London bus driver reportedly left his bus mid-route to go and buy plantain from a nearby shop.

This, however, isn’t the first time a driver has been caught out by transport users: in June of last year, MyLondon reported that the driver of a 159 bus was able to continue his job despite having a newspaper over his steering wheel while at the traffic lights in Piccadilly, Central London. 

Speaking on The Pour Decisions Show about the plantain incident, host Annisa Whyte said: “I remember one time when I was riding the bus, I think I was coming back from New Kent Road, and I was getting back into Rylane and Peckham on the 63. And we pull up at the bus stop outside Peckham Library, but as if you’re coming back into Peckham, so it’s the opposite side. Anyway the bus driver, drives a little bit further than the bus stop and pulls to the side, gets off the bus and goes into the shop and he’s buying plantain.”

“Everybody on the bus is watching the man buy the plantain and I’m thinking to myself, ‘Listen, I love plantain as much as the next person but, hello, sir? You are on the clock. You got the whole of us on the bus watching you buy plantain.’ It’s like, I get it, bro, but I don’t get it. And then he got back on the bus and drives as normal. He didn’t even say, ‘Oh, sorry, guys, I just needed to get something’, he just came back on the bus and drove like normal.”

Priorities, eh?