Bagel Bites has a fresh lawsuit on its hands. 

According to Food & WineWisconsin resident Kaitlyn Huber claims the brand’s parent company, Kraft Heinz, is intentionally misleading the public by stating the bites are made with “real” dairy and tomato sauce when they aren’t. 

“The name, ‘Mini Bagels with Mozzarella Cheese and Tomato Sauce,’ is deceptive because mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce, as these terms are understood by consumers and regulations, are not present in the Product or are present in an amount less than expected,” the lawsuit reads. 

Huber is looking to start a class action lawsuit for Wisconsin, Arkansas, and Ohio residents who purchased Bagel Bites “during the applicable statutes of limitations.” Huber’s lawyer Spencer Sheehan told Today  their goal is to make sure Kraft Heinz uses correct labeling and packaging moving forward. 

“Consumers, especially Wisconsin consumers, know what real mozzarella cheese is and isn’t, and they know that real mozzarella cheese doesn’t contain food starch,” Sheehan said. “They also know that tomato sauce has real tomatoes.”

Kraft Heinz refuted Huber’s accusations, telling Today it “proudly stand[s] by the food” it makes.

“Bagel Bites, the perfect bite-sized pizza snack, are made with delicious, high-quality ingredients that our fans know and love,” a Kraft Heinz spokesperson said. “We proudly stand by the food we make, and are focused on bringing great products to market. The lawsuit lacks any merit, and we will strongly defend our brand.”