Report About Kamala Harris Being 'Bluetooth-Phobic' Is Getting Clowned

Some commentators on Twitter understand the Vice President's apparent security concerns, and others simply consider the report a waste of energy.

Kamala Harris seen on a phone call in 2019

Image via Getty/Justin Sullivan

Kamala Harris seen on a phone call in 2019

Vice President Kamala Harris reportedly isn’t a fan of bluetooth devices, but public interest in this factoid is questionable. 

The VP—who briefly became the first woman to gain POTUS powers as Joe Biden underwent a colonoscophy a couple weeks back—was the focus of a recent Politico report centering on her preference for wired headphones. The publication’s West Wing Playbook newsletter on Monday featured coverage of Harris’ lack of bluetooth device usage due to security concerns, and Twitter users feel the story is overly skeptical and largely unnceccesary. 

“Former aides say that the vice president has long been careful about security and technology — with some describing it as prudent and others suggesting it’s a bit paranoid,” the report reads.

It later points to input from aides who said Harris “preferred texting to email,” and that people were not allowed to wait in her office alone when she was Attorney General in California.

“That caution and vigilance has not stood in the way of Harris’ meteoric rise to the vice presidency—the first woman and person of color to do so,” the article continues. “But still, should someone who travels with the nuclear football be spending time untangling her headphone wires? The American people deserve answers!”

Well, the American people have read the piece, and many are clowning it on social media in response. Some commentators understand her alleged security concerns, and others just considered the piece a waste of energy to dwell on. Check out what Twitter users had to say about the headphone non-scandal below. 

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