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In a video that has swiftly been viewed nearly 8 million times on Twitter alone, a man protects his wife from a wild bobcat after the animal attacked.

The clip, which originated on TikTok before it was removed, starts off pleasant enough, with the man saying good morning to a woman who appears to be jogging down the street. He remarks to himself, “I need to wash my car.” As he opens his car door it gets significantly more intense: his wife appears in the lower-left frame of the security camera footage, and an audible animal snarl leads to her screaming in response.

The jogger runs back to see what’s going on, and by this point the man has picked up the bobcat.

“Oh my god it’s a bobcat!” he yells, before launching the animal like an Olympic shot put medalist in the wildcat division. He tells people to watch out, as he seemingly reaches for his gun, yelping that he’ll “shoot that fucker,” while continually letting people nearby know there’s a bobcat attack in progress.

While violence against animals isn’t funny, it’s easy to see why the pulse-pounding sequence of events has gone viral and the man’s perilous loyalty to his family is being celebrated. The rate at which the situation escalates is borderline absurd, with the man quickly acting on his feet to make sure his wife doesn’t get hurt any further. 

Check out reactions to the clip, which has notched 7.7 million views with 235,000 likes, below.