All of us need a little encouragement from time to time—but passive support is not enough when Black lives are in danger. Organizations such as the NAACP, Color of Change, Black Lives Matter, and more have stood on the front lines to ensure that equality, diversity, and inclusion are more than just fancy buzzwords to tweet for the timeline or brag about around the water cooler. In 2021, it has been made glaringly obvious just how systemic racism has polluted everything impressive about this country, and Black organizations are doing everything possible to ensure the community doesn’t get pulled into the undertow by the madness.

No longer will it be comfortable for passersby to stand on the sidelines. And during Black History Month, Complex calls to attention the fact that being anti-racist is the only way to truly bring about change. If you love Black people as much as you love Black culture, and are looking for a way to help the community from home, Complex has five tips that will help you lend your support without looking like a corny fraud. Words won’t win the fight alone, which is why using these resources, and supporting the organizations listed here, will further incite positive change and progress in the United States.

With that, read on for our A-to-Z list of organizations working hard to ensure these goals aren’t funded by dreams alone. —Kevin L. Clark