One person has died and four others were injured in a shooting that took place in the early hours of Friday during what is believed to be an attempted robbery in the Hollywood Hills.

CNN reports that three men allegedly attempted to rob the home, which belongs to Fashion Nova CEO Richard Saghian, leading to two groups exchanging gunfire. “During the commission of that crime, it looks like one of the suspects produced a firearm and shot at the victims, all three suffering from gunshot wounds,” Los Angeles Police Department spokesman Jeff Lee said. “Victim one, a male in his 60s, was actually a security guard at the event, or location.”

The guard who was shot is currently in critical condition, and is said to have returned fire on the perpetrators. Two of the three men who attempted a robbery at the location were shot by the guard, police added. “It caused all three of these suspects to get in the vehicle and flee the scene,” said Lee. One of the suspects was pronounced dead at the scene, and one of them has been taken into custody. The third is in a local hospital and is expected to make a recovery, while the other two victims who were shot are in stable condition.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ  that the three suspects in question tailed Saghian’s car to his home. When the vehicle came to a stop in the Hollywood Hills, that’s when the shooting took place, sources said. Saghian is believed to have made it into his home before shots were fired. It is not known if the suspects knew he was in the Rolls-Royce, or if they followed the vehicle due to its high value.

While currently unconfirmed, the same source said the suspects allegedly ordered two men travelling in the same car as Saghian to get on the floor so they could take their jewelry. Saghian was not injured during the incident.