Men who excessively drink energy drinks, fizzy drinks, and even sweetened tea and coffee are at higher risk of losing their hair, a new study suggests.

The study—which was conducted by experts from Tsinghua University in Beijing—examined 1,000 men who were observed after drinking between one and three litres of the drinks each week. 

According to the results, those who consumed more than one sweetened drink each day were at a 42% greater risk of experiencing hair loss, compared to those who did not. 

Revealing that those who ate fast food and fewer vegetables were more at risk of hair loss as well, the peer-reviewed journal also said those who have been known to experience anxiety were said to be at greater risk. The men who confessed to losing their hair also said they had drunk 12 sugary drinks per week on average.

Believed to be combated by a healthy diet, dermatologist Dr Sharon Wong told The Sun: “Hair follicle cells are the second fastest dividing cells in the body and require all the nutrients of a well-balanced healthy diet.

“This includes lean proteins, good carbohydrates and fats, vitamins and minerals, but there is no one superfood for hair. Nutritional deficiencies and crash diets are a common cause of hair thinning and shedding.”