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A groom with terminal cancer collapsed and died at the altar as his horrified bride walked down the aisle with their son. 

Newsweek reports Paul Wynn, 57, of North Ayrshire, Scotland, collapsed at Saltcoats Town Hall last Friday just minutes before he was due to be wed to Alison Wynn, his partner of 21 years. 

Eight days before the wedding, Paul was informed that his cancer had spread to his pancreas and he would have anywhere between six weeks and two months left to live. The couple, who got engaged in October 2019, pushed their ceremony forward from July 16 after hearing the devastating news in a bid to ensure they could get married in the short time they had left together. 

“If I had known we didn’t have long, I would’ve tried to arrange the wedding for the beginning of the week,” Alison Wynn told Ayrshire Live. “He never actually got any treatment.”

As Alison was walking down the aisle, she could see that Paul was slumped in his wheelchair.

“By the time I got to him, I called his name a couple of times,” she said. “He didn’t turn around, he didn’t look at me and I realized there was something wrong and I started breaking down and I started shouting his name and we knew something wasn’t right.”

Emergency services attempted to revive him using CPR and a defibrillator. 

Alison said her partner first went to a doctor in May this year with complaints about constantly bleeding from his navel. She said she was also alarmed at how much weight he was losing. 

An endoscopy showed he had three hernias and a CT scan the following day revealed he had pancreatic cancer. The diagnosis prompted the couple to bring forward their wedding, originally set for July 16. 

The couple had met in 1999 through the Jehovah’s Witnesses before having an on-and-off relationship. They had five kids together, Sandy, 20; Tarquin, 15; Marcus, 13; Louise, eight; and Poppy, four.