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A man has died after a freak skydiving accident at a Florida airport, authorities reported, per NBC News

Officers responded to DeLand Municipal Airport on Sunday following reports of a man landing hard in a parking lot. When they arrived, the victim—identified as 76-year-old Carl H. Daugherty—was unresponsive.

Witnesses told police that two skydivers collide midair after their parachutes got tangled. One person was able to regain control but the other diver could not get his parachute to re-open. Bystanders also tried to administer first aid to Daugherty but were unable to revive him.

According to the Regional Safety Officer for the United States Parachute Association Scott Lazarus, Daugherty had been sky diving for over 50 years, completing close to 20,000 jumps. 

“I know the impact Carl had on the sport and I see that realized by people showing up here,” Lazarus said per Orlando’s CBS affiliate. “I hope to become like him as I age because he represents a lot of the beauty that we have in this sport.” Lazarus also urged fellow skydivers to tell future generations how impactful Daugherty was to the community.