Not everyone is always happy at the happiest place on earth. 

A Florida man was arrested last month and faces charges for allegedly spitting on a security guard at Disney World after he was asked to wear a mask outside, according to a a sheriff’s report released Monday.

Kelly McKin, 51, of North Palm Beach, faces a charge of battery on a uniformed security guard for the Feb. 5 encounter. The report says McKin spit on guard Kristen Goldstein after she asked him to put on a mask outside of Disney’s Contemporary Resort. After telling McKin that masks were required, Goldstein said his saliva hit her forehead, although most of it missed her. She then contacted a COVID-19 exposure hotline and said she wanted to press charges.

McKin denies spitting on the guard and the sheriff’s deputy wrote in the report that McKin is “adamant that he did not spit on the guard.” McKin instead reportedly claims he got into a discussion with Goldstein and agreed to wear the mask. McKin is free on bond, according to online court records, and has been told not to return to Disney World. 

The new details of McKin’s arrest follow a report by the Orlando Sentinel, which looked at the treatment of Disney employees as they try to enforce COVID-19 regulations.