Florida man Ronald Rose has been arrested for at least 10 burglaries he is believed to have committed as families attended funerals. 

Per Click Orlando, the 42-year-old Rose was arrested this week after it was believed he engaged in 10 or more burglaries between October 2020, and February 2021. The areas he targeted included Auburndale, Mulberry, and Lakeland. One of the detectives working on one of the more recent burglaries pointed out there were at least nine other break-ins in nearby areas where victims were at funerals previously publicized in obituaries. 

In each case, Rose allegedly sought jewlery, money, silver, and guns. He has since admitted at least one of the burglaries during questioning, and items from the other nine instances were  found inside his home and his Cadillac. Witness descriptions matched his car, which was spotted at the scene of some the break-ins by neighbors. Detectives believe there could be more instances of theft they haven’t discovered yet, as some of the items found in Rose’s home were not reported stolen by any of the 10 victims.

“People who burglarize or steal are low, so victimizing people during a time when they are grieving the loss of a loved one…that’s lower than low,” said Sheriff Grady, WESH-2 reports. “Someone who is willing to take advantage of people at a time like this has no compassion or consideration, and is a true menace to society.”