A man from China and his son reunited after the son was abducted 24 years ago, the BBC reports. The emotional moment was captured on video.

Guo Gangtang’s son was taken outside his home in the Shandong province by two suspects in 1997, per the report. The now-51-year-old father spent those two-plus decades looking for his son on motorbikes across the country, searching 20 provinces and ultimately traveling 310,000 miles.

He tirelessly searched the country using tips, a search that led to broken bones from traffic accidents, encounters with highway robbers, and more challenges. His search ultimately cost him his life savings, forcing him to beg for money to continue.

Gangtang often had banners displaying his son’s face, and became a notable member of missing-persons organizations in his country, which has a huge abduction and trafficking problem. Before finding his own son, he helped seven children find their way back to their parents.