In what is sure to be a story that he won’t be able to live down, a Turkish man drunkenly joined a search party that was looking for him after he had wandered into the woods and disappeared during a night out with his friends.

The man in question is 50-year-old Beyhan Mutlu who, according to The Daily News, went out drinking with friends and ended up getting too intoxicated and disappeared for a long enough time where a search party was formed to find him on Tuesday night. Concerned community members, the local authorities, and volunteers all came together in an effort to find Mutlu, and this spur of unity brought the man out of the forest to unknowingly help find himself.

Mutlu had reportedly been a part of the search for hours before he realized everyone was looking for him when the volunteers started shouting his name. The man reportedly asked, “Who are we looking for? I am here,” before realizing he was the missing person that had disappeared.

After this sitcom-like scenario was solved and the Turkish authorities realized that the person they were looking for had joined the search party, they just gave Mutlu a ride home. It’s still unclear how he joined the search party without being noticed by his friends who helped organize it, either. Hopefully the next time Mutlu has a fun night out he goes home instead of making the whole town look for him.