Tariq, a.k.a. Corn Kid, has partnered with Green Giant to turn memes into charity.

Tens of thousands of corn were donated to New York’s food rescue organization City Harvest this week, with a recent press release noting that the total donation included 50,000 cans of corn and 40,000 cans of other Green Giant-branded vegetables.

WPIX and other outlets were on the scene this week when Tariq made an appearance alongside Green Giant’s familiar mascot, the Jolly Green Giant, to commemorate the holidays-timed donation effort. 

“The corn is going to go to people who don’t have food for Thanksgiving,” Tariq said on Monday, as seen in the clip below. 

The donated cans of food will be put to use in holiday meal kits from City Harvest, which was initially launched in 1982 and now stands as the largest food rescue organization in the state. 

But that’s not all Tariq and Green Giant have on the horizon as part of their partnership. On Thursday, Tariq will make an appearance as part of a Green Giant float during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which will once again be available to stream via Peacock this year.

As previously reported, seven-year-old Tariq was recently honored with the formal title of “Cornbassador” in South Dakota. The viral star and his family traveled to what’s fittingly known as the “Corn Palace” in Mitchell, where they attended a special ceremony in celebration of the unique distinction.