A Florida highway was temporarily closed on Wednesday after a semi-truck carrying a plethora of Coors Light cases crashed and spilled beer all over the road.

Per Local 10, the pileup involved multiple semitrailer trucks and transpired on Interstate 75, 30 miles north of Tampa, at around 6 a.m. It all started when one semitrailer clipped another as it switched lanes, causing the two of them to pull over to the side of the interstate.

A third and fourth semi-truck pulled over behind them to assess the situation, but trouble started when a fifth trailer, transporting the Silver Bullet beer, slammed into a pickup truck, causing the trailer to swerve and hit one of the other parked vehicles that had been transporting concrete. The end result was a highway soaked in both Coors and concrete. 

No one was seriously hurt in the chaotic crash, and the person in the pickup truck only had minor injuries. The inside shoulder and travel lanes were reopened by 8:30 a.m., and the rest of the highway was reopened around noon, troopers said, nearly six hours after the crash.

The messy crash was reminiscent of another bizarre pile-up that occurred in California back in August. Instead of beer, a rig was transporting 300,000 tomatoes, which ended up spilling out onto Interstate 80 west in Vacaville, after they collided with a vehicle and swerved into another. Passing vehicles then ground the tomatoes into a slippery pulp, which caused other vehicles to crash as well.

“People don’t realize how slippery the juice and the tomato skins are,” said Highway Patrol officer Jason Tyhurst. “Once they hit the asphalt, it’s like ice.”