A man is being charged with attempted murder after allegedly driving his truck into a Chicago picnic, moments after saying “watch what I’m going to do.”

Timothy Nielsen, 57, has since been arrested by police in Chicago and is being held without bond on four counts of attempted murder for the incident. 

On Saturday at 5:15 p.m. Nielsen reportedly “intentionally jumped a curb,” according to a release, steering his truck “at a group of pedestrians gathered for a picnic” at West Logan Boulevard.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Nielsen struck 10-15 people with his red Ford F-150, while the release only claims “the offender struck one 42-year-old female victim with his vehicle,” who has since been treated since being pinned under the vehicle. 

Neilsen reportedly told a neighbor that he was “annoyed by yuppies on the boulevard, who are out with their dogs,” according to the Times. He allegedly ran over their bikes and chairs before heading toward the people. Nielsen, who was previously convicted for kidnapping and extortion, tried to leave the area but a cooler prevented him from doing so. He then allegedly pulled out a knife as bystanders tried to pull him out of the truck, leaving one person with cuts on their arm.