Founder: Bruce Hamilton
Base of Operations: Los Angeles, CA

Founded in 2018, Wing Zero Apps is simplifying mobile app development for non-coders by providing intuitive and easy to use templates. The service could be thought of as Squarespace for first-time app developers, although the barriers it aims to topple tend to tower a lot higher over marginalized communities than simple website development. Since venture capital investment in Silicon Valley surged in the mid-2010s, it’s become increasingly clear how underfunded Black and Brown tech start-ups are compared to their white counterparts. Given that disparity in seed money, the typical five to six-figure price tag on app development often shatters the dreams of aspirant BIPOC tech founders.

Wing Zero’s Bruce Hamilton originally set out to create what he called a “social music marketplace app.” But he quickly pivoted his idea after witnessing so many of his fellow founders abandon their projects upon realizing the obstructive cost of app development. Now, Hamilton offers start-ups comprehensive templates for just a few hundred bucks a month. Should Wing Zero Apps continue to grow, it could potentially even the playing field in tech hubs throughout the world.