Founders: Anisha Matharu & Sabrina Moin
Base of Operations: Atlanta, GA

A persistent problem in the beauty industry is how often people with melanin are overlooked for fairer-toned complexions. Not only does this lack of inclusion manifest in the way makeup is traditionally marketed, it also directly harms BIPOC people who purchase makeup online, as they often wind up wasting money on products that don’t suit them. Swatchcandy, a beauty tech start-up founded in 2019 by Anisha Matharu and Sabrina Moin, aims to remedy this disparity by creating visualization solutions for cosmetic brands that can help personalize a customer’s online shopping experience.

Swatchcandy offers two distinct services: Custom photography for brand partners, and an iOS and web app for consumers. As part of a three-tier partnership plan, the start-up photographs diverse lipstick swatches for brands’ websites and social media channels, in addition to offering web integration technology that compares the photography to the complexion of the buyer. Swatchcandy’s current brand partners include Lip Revolt, Bee Cosmetics, and City Beauty. As Matharu and Moin continue to grow their business, they could eventually partner with larger brands that have the power to end the beauty industry’s inclusivity problem altogether.